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From Everything.Sucks is an American website founded in 2005 by Jack O’Brien. It is descended from Cracked magazine, which dates back to 1958. In 2007, Cracked had a couple hundred thousand unique users per month and 3 or 4 million page views. In June 2011, it reached 27 million page views, according to comScore. According to O'Brien, the site had about 17 million unique visitors and 300 million page views.

Unsatisfied user Michelle M. wrote the following review for :

I used to love this website. The articles were funny and informative. Now half the articles are political and the articles that are not have some political jabs thrown in (all one sided) Also the store part is all sales final (cannot return defective or unsatisfactory products) Too bad it has gone to s***. I used to read everyday, but after about 6 months of being mostly crap, it is off my saved bookmarks.


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Dead Purple says

"The site really does suck now. I got banned twice from leaving comments. First time I got no explanation, second time it was cause I complained about one article. From what I can tell certain writers at Cracked have very fragile egos and can\'t stand when someone complains about an article they wrote. Carly Tennes is one such person. "

DJDT says

"Cookie cutter \"articles\", lacks all element of humor, mainly producing antagonistic tear-down-your-idols pieces, and contains very little writing; it\'s all eye-candy for the illiterate. What once was reasonably funny a worthy of a tri-weekly visit has now become a MSM inspired and formulaic click-bait site. Sad to see this development because it could have gone the other way. Perhaps there is future hope for change?"

Dr. House says

"What was once an enjoyable and informative website has been reduced overly sarcastic and unironic leftist clickbait forums. Although there are a few writers who are still trying to recapture the original spirit of the website, others like Carly Tennes and Dan Duddy simply regurgitate clickbait articles stolen from twitter or buzzfeed to drive attention towards their own social media pages. Most of the garbage published on the site these days either oozes unironic angst to the point where I believe sarcasm is the writer\'s native language, or is obliviously one sided, preaching from a political soapbox that either misrepresents or attacks the lowest hanging fruit of society, politics, corporations, etc."

Deejay says

"Cracked used to be a fun site, now they endlessly analyze old movies looking for something shocking everyone missed the first time and doing it badly or poorly disguised celebrity gossip. Just like the AV club, another one bites the dust."

Michael richard says

"Website is often down at night time where the link reroutes to a wingstop proxy server. However, during the day it is a ad filled mess that accidentally comes with high quality content and stolen font archives . Downloading one of these webpages can easily drain 6 megabytes just to load ! It really is hit or miss though. Sometimes the editorials are painfully misleading as a poor attempt at humor . However, the photoplasties are often outstanding . I recommend their Youtube content which has always been 5 star material in my opinion. Especially the videos starring the fictional character named Roger ."

Noiseboy says

"Questionable, often repetitive content jumping around the screen because they don’t know how to code a webpage. A total mess. "

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